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How To Make Bread Chaat

Recipe for Bread Chaat


Bread pieces (1 " cubes) - as needed (You can use any variety of bread)
Peas - 1/2 cup (You can use white peas, chickpeas, black channa, green peas or yellow peas)
Pomegranate pearls - 1/4 cup
Yogurt (Curd) - 1/2 cup
Tamarind Chutney - as needed
Green Chutney - as needed
Roasted Cumin Powder - to sprinkle (app. 1/2 tsp)
Red Chilly Powder - to sprinkle (app. 1/4 tsp)
Chaat masala - to sprinkle (app. 1/2 tsp)
Boiled Potato - 1 (chopped)
Onions - handful (finely chopped)
Tomato - handful (chopped)
Cilantro - 2 tbsp (finely chopped)
Sev and / or Bhoondhi - 1/2 cup

Preparation Steps

Pressure cook the peas with some turmeric powder, salt, chilly powder, garam masala and some tamarind juice. You can also cook this using a slow cooker or using a normal vessel on stove top. You need soft peas along with a semi thick gravy. This gravy is called Ragda and can be used over potato pattice, samosa chaat, with batura etc.
The bread pieces should be crispy for the chaat to taste good. So put the pieces in the oven or toast the bread before making the chaat. You could also use old bread or store bought croutons to make this chaat. I have made this with french bread and sandwich bread. You can also use any other variety.
Chop the onions, tomatoes, cilantro and  potato and keep it ready. Chop the pomegranate and remove the pearls.
Beat the yogurt with little salt and little sugar.
Prepare the green chutney and tamarind chutney.

Method Step By Step

Arrange few pieces of bread in a serving dish. 

Pour some boiled peas along with the gravy (ragda) over the top.
Top it with some boiled potato cubes chopped onions, tomatoes and cilantro.

Pour little tamarind chutney and green chutney.
Pour the beaten yogurt over that. Also add some pomegranate pearls.

Sprinkle some red chili powder, cumin powder and chaat masala over the yogurt.

Finally sprinkle sev and/or boondhi on top and serve immediately.

Serving Bread Chaat.

Serve this bread chaat as an appetizer or as an evening snack. Of course, you could also have as a light dinner.

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